How $20 Can Make A Difference

To us, $20 might not seem like it can make much of a difference.

It’s the cost of a week’s worth of lattes, it’s the cost of a cheap manicure, or a meal out with friends.

Carrying a $20 bill in your wallet is common, and chances are, you’re paid somewhere around $20/hour at your job.

But to the families we work with in Mozambique - 20 US dollars is life-changing.

$20 is enough to send a child to school for an entire month.


In rural Mozambique, where we run our programs with the help of our local team members, graduation from high school for girls is almost unheard of. Elementary school in itself is a struggle for many families, and oftentimes, girls are left out. Due to lack of money to pay school fees, long travel distance to get to the nearest school, and other difficulties, many families are unable to send their girls to school.

$20 isn’t an arbitrary amount that we concocted for this campaign. It’s the actual amount averaged over a school year that it takes to send a child to school each month in Mozambique. For $20, you’d provide everything a girl needs to thrive in school including a backpack, school supplies and uniforms, transportation costs, tuition fees and more.

Skeptical that your money can really be stretched that far? Let us introduce you to only a few of the girls sponsored through last year’s #IStandForGirls campaign (there were over 100!).


Meet Esmenia

Esmenia finished her first year of school with everything she needed to succeed thanks to her sponsor from last year’s campaign. Orphaned at a young age, she has faced more than her fair share of struggle for someone so young. However, her determination to go to school has helped her succeed at something she never dreamed she’d have access to. Esmenia excels in all of her subjects and is thrilled to have her very own protractor, ruler set, and compass thanks to the support of the #IStandForGirls Campaign.


Meet Ayanda

Since her mother had never attended school, little Ayanda was quite nervous and wasn’t sure if she wanted to go at all. However, after seeing her uniform and backpack for the first time (and learning that they were her very own to keep!) her face lit up with excitement and she jumped right in.

Meet Crizalda

Crizalda (or Cris, as she’s referred to by her friends and family) is finishing up first grade this year thanks to the support of the #IStandForGirls campaign. Her favorite subjects are music and Portuguese and, she looks forward to attending second grade next year with the help of this year’s #IStandForGirls campaign.  

It can seem impossible that such a small amount can literally change lives and the distance between you and Mozambique can make it seem improbable. But we hope these stories (only three of so so many) will inspire you to join us in creating real change in the lives of real children.


For our second #IStandForGirls campaign, launching on September 1st, we are hoping to gain as much support as we can to show that it’s not hard to make an incredible difference in someone’s life. Last year we supported over 100 girls. This year, we want to double that!

$20 may seem like a sacrifice, or it may not seem like much at all, but whatever the case, and whatever your budget, to our girls, $20 is enough to change their lives.

Join the #IStandForGirls Campaign and sponsor the education of a girl for $20/month here!