Kurandza Turns Two Today!

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of when Kurandza began! We've come so far in these last two years, and we wanted to celebrate all of our milestones with you!


We've provided steady employment to 9 women in Mozambique, which means more women were able to reach the hospital every month and get their medication, more children were able to start school, and more families were able to improve their homes and save for the future.


We built a small grocery store with a family in one of the rural villages. This means that one family is one step closer to economic independence, and that the community can now save time and money by having a store nearby instead of traveling miles to the closest city.


We raised $4,000 in less than one week to pay for Percina's first trip out of Africa to the United States! This was a dream come true for her, and a cultural exchange for everyone who met her.

We raised awareness about the drought and current hunger crisis in Mozambique and raised over $7,000 to help the community. We were able to provide immediate food assistance to over 35 families, trained 20 HIV+ mothers how to prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies, and started a nutrition program in the community.

We couldn't have done any of this without our amazing supporters! So many of you have donated to Percina's campaign or the #FeedMozambique campaign or both, have bought the women's handmade items for yourself or to give as gifts, and have spread the word and supported us with your encouragement and belief in our cause.

Thank you for helping us get to where we are today! Muito obrigada! Khanimambo swinene! :)