Nine Women Isn't Enough.

I had been talking with a lot a people back in Mozambique lately and they told me that the situation got worse. I knew that they were experiencing a drought and that food prices were on the rise, but they had always laughed and played it off like things would change and everything would be ok. This time it was different. I could tell that they were worried about tomorrow.

The drought in Mozambique has been going on for two years. Why is this relevant? Because there are very little jobs in my community (the community where I lived for three years in the Peace Corps), and the population depends on the rain to grow crops on their farms so that they can harvest their own food and eat. They don't have money to buy food, which is now more than triple the price because of the food shortages.

My friends and colleagues are eating one meal a day of just rice or bread and cucumber-- this is not OK. Knowing that they are only eating one meal a day really hit me hard. I mean, think about it: ONE meal a day? Try putting yourself in their shoes for a minute and imagine what it truly would be like if you only ate one simple meal a day... It would be horrible.

These are real people who laugh, dance, gossip, make jokes, get embarrassed, have good and bad days-- they are people with names and stories. To me, they arn't people in Africa who show up in a news article about how bad the drought is. They are my friends and family. 

I knew that I needed to do something about this. I needed to do more.

Yes, I'm already helping nine amazing women in Mozambique learn skills and earn a sustainable income through our handmade items. Their income allows them to buy food and continue eating despite the drought, but their neighbors and extended families can't. For me this wasn't enough.

There are thousands of families without food and without hope. 

Not many people help small villages in Mozambique. There is help sometimes from the government or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but right now no one is doing anything.

I know that millions of people in Africa are in the same situation-- suffering from hunger because of droughts-- and it can sometimes get overwhelming to think of how to help them all. It's almost impossible to help everyone. But it's not impossible to help someone


We're going to focus on this one small village of 12,300 families. Raising $250,000 in the next month will provide immediate food for these families and will provide sustainable water and agriculture projects that will allow the community to withstand future droughts.

I can't do this alone. Please help me spread the word about this campaign and consider donating! Any amount, big or small makes a huge impact. Thank you <3