2019 #IStandForGirls Campaign: Holistic and Sustained Education

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: time for our yearly #IStandForGirls campaign! 

For the third year in a row, we’re dedicating an entire month to raising awareness and funds for our schools (and other programs) in Mozambique and we have a feeling that this year will be our best yet. 

If you’ve supported Kurandza in the past, you’re probably familiar with the way our #IStandForGirls campaigns have been structured: we set a goal for the amount of girls we want to sponsor for school, and then you, our amazing community, band together to make it happen.

This year, we’re doing things a little differently.

Instead of sending more girls to school, this year we’re focusing on extending our care for the 205 students we already have. We believe that holistic care (not just education), is absolutely essential for our students to be successful long term. If we can’t support them holistically, we can’t add more children in the future and we aren’t really providing our students with the opportunities they deserve.

Goals for the 2019 #IStandForGirls campaign:

Core Schooling:

In two years, you’ve helped us send 205 children to school! That’s HUGE. Our past campaigns in 2017 and 2018 have focused purely on our girls’ “core schooling”; the act of going to school daily (school fees, transportation, supplies, and uniforms) and ensuring they’re cared for while at school and are getting a quality education. 

But we want to do more. We believe this process is cyclical, not linear. Our girls need continued support, and so this year, we want to go deeper instead of wider.

Education from a holistic perspective is an ongoing process. 

After School Programming:

As our founders have been on the ground in Mozambique, they’ve noticed a need for extended opportunities outside of school for the students. If they’re getting to go to school, but their care stops there, we can’t call our programs sustainable or holistic.

This year, we’re adding this key piece to our fundraising efforts with a mindset of “deeper not wider”. 

We need YOUR help to raise funds for programming like Empowerment Workshops for our existing students, after-school tutoring so they can excel in their classes, health education so they can care for their bodies and families, and extracurricular activities so they can have access to other outlets that are fun, safe, and will give guidance into the kind of future they want to create for themselves.

According to World Bank, “studies consistently reinforce that girls who face multiple disadvantages — such as low family income, living in remote or underserved locations, disability or belonging to a minority ethno-linguistic group — are farthest behind in terms of access to and completion of education.” Providing our students with access to our holistic programs, in addition to their day to day classes, will give them an undeniable leg up in achieving their dreams, reversing the cycle of poverty, and empowering the nation as a whole.

Get Involved

Other than the additional layer to our campaign goal, everything else looks the same. We’ll be sharing all month long and plan to raise enough to implement these crucial programs for our students in the coming year. 

Click here to support our campaign and click here to read more about our story. 

We couldn’t do any of this without YOU, so thank you for believing in us and for coming alongside us to empower women everywhere.