Giveback Partner Spotlight: Alyssa Coleman

We’re so excited to introduce this month’s Giveback Partner Spotlight! Alyssa Coleman has supported Kurandza since the beginning (she was our first ever Giveback Partner!) and we’ve only grown to love her more during our time working together. An entrepreneurial lady-boss herself, Alyssa has built a brand around empowering women entrepreneurs to grow their business through productivity strategies. She’s helped countless women and we are honored to have her on our team of partners!

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the interview and then be sure to check out Alyssa’s website and Instagram where she shares daily motivation for lady bosses just like you.

Can you tell us about the backstory of your business? What motivated you to start it?

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I would love to! I started my business as a way to make a bigger impact, I studied environmental policy at university and landed my dream job, (no, not the UN.. the other one) working with a governmental org, within a few months of graduating. I was bright eyed and ready to CHANGE THE WORLD! But I learned pretty quickly that wasn’t the way things worked... I was a small cog in the wheel, and I instantly knew the best way for me to make the impact I wanted, with the freedom I wanted, was to strike out on my own!

Now I’m so fulfilled by helping other female entrepreneurs make a big impact, follow freedom, and make that BIG impact on the world (and their bottom line) in a strategic and productive way.

You’re a “productivity pro”! What are your top tips for someone who struggles with getting things done?

If you are a procrastinator I totally feel for you (I too used to say that I “worked well under pressure” ahem, meaning I left everything until the last minute).

And I have a few tricks to get over that, the first step is to figure out why the heck you’re procrastinating anyway, is something about this triggering you? Scaring you? Is it outside your zone of genius? Do you just downright hate doing it? Instead of wallowing in that guilty place, figure out why it’s happening and do something about it!

Then, if you’re the type who gets easily distracted (ya, I’m looking at you with 15 tabs open right now) then my best trick is to use “The Pomodoro Method” where you turn off everything, including your phone, and you focus on ONE job for 25 straight minutes. Let’s say you want to write a blog post you would close everything except the blank blog post document then set a timer for 25 minutes, bonus points for headphones and some killer tunes, and TRUST me, you’ll get more than you can believe done before that timer goes off! Take a little 5-minute break then get back to it again!

Who is your dream client and what do you help them do?

My dream clients are visionary creatives, influencers, and coaches who are driven as hell and are willing to do whatever it takes to live their lives and run their businesses on their own terms.  I help them create sustainable strategies to run their business productively (meaning, every part of their business is structured to produce their freedom based business) using things like automation, sales funnels, systems, and perfectly planned work-weeks.

You were Kurandza’s FIRST EVER giveback partner! What has been your favorite part of watching Kurandza grow over the last year?

I have been so honored to be on this journey with Kurandza, I believe in your mission and your team more than you can imagine, and I’m so happy to watch MORE badass female entrepreneurs making giveback partners a part of their growth strategy. Female entrepreneurs are changing the landscape of business by including more triple bottom lines, more social awareness, and more impact. I can’t wait to come along for Kurandza’s continued growth in 2018.

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Why is women empowerment important to you?

Empowering women is ESSENTIAL to this world’s evolution, the more women we see in positions of power the more we’re noticing more compassionate, tolerant, and peaceful movements toward our environment our policy our society and our businesses.

There are SO many incredible organizations out there! What made you choose to work with Kurandza?

I was looking for an organization that put an emphasis on creating OPPORTUNITIES for girls and women and put importance on empowerment going hand in hand with investment. Kurandza has continued to make it a no-brainer to work together and is creating new and exciting ways to get involved that I really appreciate.

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