Giveback Partner Spotlight: Cassandra Le of The Quirky Pineapple

We’re so excited to introduce this month’s Giveback Partner Spotlight! Cassandra Le has supported Kurandza since the beginning of 2018 through her amazing business, The Quirky Pineapple Studio. This entrepreneur owns a virtual studio that offers copywriting and content strategy services to fellow entrepreneurs. We are honored to have Cassandra on our team of partners!

Sit back and enjoy the interview! Be sure to check out Cassandra’s website and Instagram where she shares copywriting tips and her travel adventures.

Can you share with us about the backstory of The Quirky Pineapple Studio? What motivated you to start it?


Before The Quirky Pineapple Studio became what it is today, it was first The Quirky Pineapple Lifestyle & Travel Blog, where I shared stories and advice on travel, lifestyle, and women's empowerment. I started it in 2014 during my last year in University as a travel blog. When I moved to Spain to teach English in 2014, that's when my blog started to really gain more traction and I took it more seriously as I shared tips and advice about living abroad, traveling around Spain, and trying to design a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.

After two years of teaching English and blogging about travel, I decided to move back home to the United States. That's when I started discovering and learning more about entrepreneurship and what I could do to really make a career out of my blog. I decided to rebrand and create a service based business, what is now called The Quirky Pineapple Studio! :) I decided to offer services that could directly help people, give me the opportunity to be my own boss, become location-independent, and allowed me to move back to Spain to be with my boyfriend!

The Quirky Pineapple Studio still has a large blogging component, but we are a virtual studio that offers copywriting and content strategy services to hospitality, tourism, and gastronomy businesses.

What is your favorite aspect of running your own business?

My favorite aspect of running my own business is the fact that I can choose what to do next, how to approach clients and marketing, how I share about my services, etc. I am the visionary and the person that's bringing MY dream to life! If there are changes or obstacles along the way, I can adapt and grow with those changes and see how I can use those situations to grow The Quirky Pineapple Studio. Really, it's the fact that I'm able to bring my vision and help create a better world through the work that I do.


Who is your dream client and what do you help them do?

My dream client is a small business owner in the hospitality, tourism, and/or gastronomy business who believes in building client relationships and creating a community with the services that they provide. They're not only there to provide an experience, but they also want to be part of their client's journey and adventure!

I love helping these types of clients with copywriting AND content strategy, to first create a clear message that is centered around their brand voice and community aspect and then create a plan and strategy around the content that they share online (and in-person) to show-off what they can offer to THEIR clients. I help my clients create communities of loyal clients and fans through heartfelt copy and content that really connects.

You have been traveling and up to some super exciting things! Can you tell us more about your most recent trip(s)?

Yes! It's been crazy to think that only a year ago, I started my entrepreneurial journey and I've been so fortunate to have amazing opportunities present themselves. During October and November, I decided to travel to Latin America with a program that provides trips for digital nomads. We started our trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina - where we stayed for one month. It was really exciting to be in such a large and artistic city, learn from Argentinian culture, and expand my audience!

Then, in November, we moved to Santiago, Chile. Chile has been one of the best experiences I've had while traveling. I was able to visit the Atacama Desert (the driest desert in the world) and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Chile has. It's also been exciting to explore Santiago and this country, learn about the Indigenous culture, and appreciate the food that they offer.

Now, I'm headed back to the United States for the holidays, after being gone for one year! I'm excited to be with my family and use this next month to reset, recharge, and regroup my goals and intentions for 2019 for The Quirky Pineapple Studio! So far, I don't have any travel plans for 2019 - but I'm always learning to be flexible and open to any opportunities that present themselves.


What's your favorite part of being a Kurandza Giveback Partner?

My favorite part of being a Kurandza Giveback Partner is knowing exactly what and how my donations help the girls in Mozambique! I know I'm contributing to a great cause, have a clear breakdown of what happens to my donations, and working with Elisabetta is so easy! I really feel like a part of this organization and feel like I've built a close relationship with Elisabetta.

The program makes it easy to donate, support and I know how hard Kurandza works to provide the best experience for their Giveback Partners!

Why is women empowerment and girls education important to you?

I really believe that empowering and educating girls and women is the best way to continuously grow for the future. There are so many situations where girls and women are unable to confidently share their voice, get taken seriously, or are questioned because of lack of "proper" education, which strips ALL women from our opportunities for growth and leadership. I believe that a woman and girls are strong, resilient, and fierce - and in order for all of us to step into our power, we must all receive the same opportunities for education to be able to lead further.

There are SO many incredible organizations out there! What inspired you to choose to work with Kurandza?

The mission and team behind Kurandza are what really inspired me to work with them! I was first connected with Elisabetta and her story/drive for this organization. After following Kurandza for some time and seeing how much thought and intention goes into everything that they do, I knew that by choosing to partner and work with them, I would really see an impact with my donations. I also love the fact that Kurandza is truly a grassroots organization - so there aren't any loops or hoops that the money goes through. Both the founders, Elisabetta and Percina, are so kind and open that it was an easy choice to work with Kurandza!


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