Giveback Partner Spotlight: Kate Crocco

We’re so excited to introduce this month’s Giveback Partner Spotlight! Kate Crocco has supported Kurandza since the 2018 #IStandForGirls campaign through her amazing business, Kate Crocco Mindset + Confidence Coach. This #girlboss offers a 6-month mastermind program to develop your CEO mindset to build a successful and thriving business for other fellow entrepreneurs. We are honored to have Kate on our team of partners!

Sit back and enjoy the interview! Be sure to check out Kate’s website and Instagram where she shares copywriting tips and her travel adventures.

Can you tell us about how you started your business of Kate Crocco Mindset + Confidence Coaching? What motivated you to start it?


I was practicing as a licensed clinical social worker in private practice and really seeing a need for business owners to be supported in this area of mindset and confidence. So many were coming to me asking, how do I push forward despite fears and setbacks. It wasn’t even my intention to start a second business, it just sort of happened and thank God it did! I’ve now been doing coaching for three plus years! It’s such an honor to support so many incredible lady bosses who are doing amazing things with their gifts and talents.

How do you help women see the vision of their business without fear, insecurity and holding back?

We first get to the root of the issue. Then we begin to look at how they would envision themselves if the fear was no longer present. Once they have that vision of what business and life could look like, then we begin working toward it little by little by challenging those past stories. We then begin retelling the story and painting a new picture based on reality. Usually those fears are made up and something that can be challenged!

Why is women empowerment important to you and how do you utilize that in your business?

Women are capable of ANYTHING. I truly believe that. So many women, unfortunately, 
hide their brilliance from the world due to fears and insecurities. When this happens, so many are missing out on the blessing. This is why it’s so important to me to help empower women to reframe their fear and take the focus off of themselves and onto the impact they could possibly make. When fear creeps in for me, I tell myself, it’s my mission to deliver this message and I am robbing from the world if I allow myself to hold back.


Why does girls education matter to you?

We are so fortunate that education is readily available to us in the US. So often we even take this for granted, not realizing that even the little things we’ve been taught in preschool are skills that can be used to help you create a living. By more and more people contributing, we can provide this for girls and they can learn a skill to provide for themselves and their families and then pass this on to others as well. Girls can do anything when they are given the right support and tools.

What does being a giveback partner mean to you?

I see it as a ripple effect. It’s not just changing one life. This will be passed on to her family and generations to come.

There are so many incredible organizations out there! What inspired you to choose to work with Kurandza?

I really felt connected. Because it’s a smaller organization I felt I could really hear how the girls are doing and not feel like my contribution is being lost. We really get to see firsthand the impact it is making on the girls! I loveddddd getting my card in the mail and seeing her smiling face!!

Your Think Like A Boss Mastermind launches on March 1st! Can you tell us about what you're up to and what we can expect in 2019?

Yes! I’m so passionate about helping women business owners with their mindset and confidence. This is my third year running it and it’s been an honor to see the shifts that happen for these women. Again it’s not about impacting just one, but pouring into these women so that they go and pour into others. It’s kicking off March 1st! Click here to find all the deets.


Are you interested in learning more about our Giveback Partner program? Click here!