Giveback Partner Spotlight: Mandi Holmes of She Can Coterie

We’re so excited to introduce this month’s Giveback Partner Spotlight! Mandi Holmes has supported Kurandza since this past Spring through her amazing business, She Can Coterie. This #GirlBoss owns an expert business management and marketing boutique with a team of 18 incredible women. Each of these women help other boss ladies make their dreams a reality and walk in their strengths. Mandi explains that “when women walk in their strength it inspires other women to walk in theirs, and together we will change the world.” We are honored to have Mandi on our team of partners!

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the interview! Be sure to check out Mandi’s website and Instagram where she shares daily motivation for lady bosses just like you.

What is your favorite aspect of running your own business?


My favorite part of running my business is, of course, the women I work with and work for. My team is filled with the smartest, wisest, most creative and supportive women I know. And we work for powerful, change-making women in the online space. It's incredibly inspiring to see everyone walking in their strengths doing what they love every day.

Who is your dream client and what do you help them do?

Our dream client is an online, service-based business owner who has been in business for at least 3 to 5 years. She’s well-established, knows where she’s going and what she wants, AND she knows she needs support to get there.

We love to come alongside her as her team, raising her up with our support and propelling her toward her goals.

She Can Coterie does almost every single thing an online business owner needs to run her business. For example, you can start with general admin and bookkeeping then move onto content marketing and social media management. We can plan your campaign launches and write your email funnels, launch and manage your podcast, and even plan your next event. I’m telling you, the options are nearly endless!


What has been your favorite part of being a Kurandza Giveback Partner?

I believe down in my bones that women will change the world. Education is the first step. We are doing a small part for little girls on the other side of the world. It thrills me to know that their future is brighter than they could have ever imagined and through them their families, communities, country, and the world will be forever changed.

Why is women empowerment and girls education important to you?

This is part of our why at She Can Coterie:

“Because the world will be saved by women.


Because we've been asked, we've been called, we've been chosen.

And when we are asked, called, and chosen we do what we do best.

We rise up.

And when we rise up, we lift up those beside and behind us too.”


There are SO many incredible organizations out there! What inspired you to choose to work with Kurandza?

We have supported other organizations in the past, but when I met Elisabetta I knew that Kurandza was the organization I wanted us to work with moving forward.

There are many incredible organizations doing many incredible things in the world, but what I love about Kurandza is that you have boots on the ground in the communities. You know the community, the girls, the families, the culture. You know what they need and are able to deliver it in-country. I also love that you Kurandza is a small organization with no bureaucracy or red tape.

She Can Coterie is up to some exciting things! Can you tell us about what you're up to and what we can expect in 2019?

We have a big movement up our sleeves for 2019! Keep an eye out in early January for our next campaign. You miiiight be the first to know, but we’ll have products, training and resources, and perhaps a little podcast of our own - all centered around the theme of rising up, hand-in-hand, woman alongside woman. It’s going to be pure magic!


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