Giveback Partner Spotlight: Stephanie Rubio

We’re so excited to introduce this month’s Giveback Partner Spotlight! Stephanie Rubio has supported Kurandza as a Giveback Partner since November of 2018 through her amazing business, Soverve Marketing Group. She owns a a female-led marketing agency (#girlpower) catering to women in businesses and specializes in areas of digital marketing strategy, management, creation, and promotion. We are so happy and honored to have Stephanie on our team of partners!

Sit back and enjoy the interview! Be sure to check out Stephanie’s website and Instagram where she shares copywriting tips and her travel adventures.

Can you tell us about your company, SoVerve Marketing Group? What motivated you to start it? 


Soverve Marketing Group is a full-service marketing agency that works with women in business to help them leverage the power of digital media effortlessly. Our specialty is using customer-centric marketing techniques that are blended with feminine-inspired brand messaging, where we put a big focus on content marketing; which is our forte. What motivated me to start SoVerve, was the lack of support and clarity women like my own mother were having in establishing their businesses online. There was a lot of generalized content on marketing online, but there wasn't a lot of personalized services that could grow with a small brand.

You're all about being a #GirlBoss! What is your number one tip for female entrepreneurs who are struggling with their brand strategy and identity?

The number one tip I would give any female entrepreneur is to embrace their own journey and to avoid the "shiny object syndrome" at all costs. This means having a clear understanding of who they are - in and outside of their organization - and how they want to reach the goals that they have. Brand identity is no different than personal identity. You have to consider giving yourself and your business permission to pivot when possible in order to allow your brand to grow organically, yet strategically. Not all growth is good growth, so that clarity is important. Bottom line is to get clear on your messaging, your goals, who you want to work with and how you want to work with them.

What is your favorite aspect of running your own business?

My favorite aspect of running my own business is the freedom that I have to shift and pivot as I see fit. Making those shift in a career are difficult when you are under the constraints of glass-ceiling. If I need to shift on a service type of a service offering, I can make those changes seamlessly. That is empowering.

Why is women empowerment important to you and how do you utilize that in your business? 

The knowledge that I helping another woman build their own dreams, is by far one of the empowering feelings I've ever had. There are so many amazing brands that we have worked without since 2016 and all of them have a special place in my heart because helped build and shape each of them. I don't know if it's a women empowerment concept or if it's just who I have always been as an individual, but empowering others has always been important to me. You never know who is in need of that extra jolt that with a few words of encouragement you can provide.

What does being a Kurandza Giveback Partner mean to you and your clients?

Partnering with Kurandza for their Giveback Program was a natural choice for us because as a brand, we stand behind social causes that focus on youth education. Our approach on youth education is simple; if we educate and empower our youth, they will make better choices in every area of their lives which will, in turn, allow them to make better choices for the world around in which they live in. Our clients understand our mission, vision, and values and they respect our commitment to the non-profit sector. It's something that comes with the package.

There are so many incredible organizations out there! What inspired you to choose to work with Kurandza? 

Kurandza is part of a growing group of grass-roots organizations that understand the concept of financial proofing their campaigns with Impact Reports. As a marketer, I understand the importance of this for future collaborators, donors, and give-back partners. It was a breath of fresh air to find what is still a relatively small organization, embracing this concept and leading the pack in being as transparent as possible with donor funds.

What are your top 3 goals this year for SoVerve Marketing Group?

We've got some big goals for 2019 that pertain to the continued growth and scale of our company, and while many have been crushed already, our primary goal is to remain consistent in our efforts to support women in business through aligned content that will help them inch closer to their own set goals and objectives. 


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