Meet Kurandza's 200+ Children


Hello Kurandza Family! We are SO excited to announce that our Meet The Girls webpage is now live! We finally have a place on our website where you can meet ALL of the 200+ girls (and boys) who are learning and growing in our 5 partner schools in Mozambique! From our pre-school and primary school students to our secondary students, you’ll get to see the smiley faces of the students that are so happy to be going to school! The children are grateful to our sponsors for allowing them to get an education, and we love that now you can see whose lives you are impacting! In this blog post we’ll be sharing with you why girls education is important, the impact, and a few stories of some of our girls.

CLICK HERE TO MEET ALL 200+ children in our education program. Thank you again for believing in our cause and for giving the gift of education to these children.

why girls education?

In rural Mozambique, graduation from High School, let alone elementary school is a far away dream for many young girls. With school fees, transportation costs, and other school-related expenses for uniforms, backpacks, and books, the majority of parents are unable to keep their girls in school. Many girls drop out and their only option is to get married. 


THE IMPact of girls education

Because of your support during the 2018 #IStandForGirls Campaign, you have provided these children with uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, matriculation fees, and transportation, which has made it possible for them to study! When girls get an education, they have less of a chance of early pregnancy and catching HIV, and more of a chance of fulfilling employment, economic stability, and healthy families.

When a girl gets an education…

  • ...she is less likely to marry early, have unplanned pregnancies, and contract HIV.

  • ...she is more likely to earn a higher income compared to individuals who did not go to school.

  • ...she is more likely to be financially secure and economically empowered.

  • ...she is more likely to change the world around them for the better.


We have enrolled over 200 girls in school...

  • ...and we have enrolled 5 boys (boys matter too!) in school

  • We have employed 10 people through our education program

  • We have taught over 32 health workshops

  • We have provided over 100 hours of tutoring to our students

  • We have provided backpacks and school supplies to 205 students




Age 3, Pre-school

Neliana is in our program because she is especially vulnerable. She was abandoned by her mother and lives with her unemployed grandmother who is unable to pay for tuition. Because of our sponsors, she's able to get an education.



Age 6, 1st grade

This is Letisse's first year in our education program. She is a happy girl who loves wearing her uniform and bringing her new backpack to school!



Age 8, 2nd grade
This is Kim's second year in our program! Her favorite subject is Portuguese and she dreams of being a teacher when she grows up.



Age 8, 2nd grade
Mayita LOVES learning! She likes to go to school because she gets to learn how to "count" and "write". Her favorite subject is Portuguese. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor or a professor.


EsperaNÇA aka ESPERA

Age 9, 3rd grade
Esperança who is also known as “Espera” is in her second year of our educational program and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Her favorite subject is math.



Age 10, 4th grade
Pércia and her sister, Ética, are two of the most active girls in Kurandza’s holistic education program. This is Pércia’s second year in our program, and she’s learning more each and every day.


Age 15, 5th grade
Carla is one of our newer students! Both of her parents passed away and she currently lives with her aunt who was unable to buy her a uniform or school supplies. Because of YOU, she can attend school with everything she needs to succeed!



Age 14, 8th grade
Novilência dropped out of school last year because she didn’t have funds to pay for transportation to get to school. This year, she is in our education program and her transportation to school every day is provided by our amazing monthly sponsors!

CLICK HERE TO MEET ALL 200+ children in our education program. Thank you again for believing in our cause and for giving the gift of education to these children.