Percina's Trip to the U.S.

Our Country Director in Mozambique, Percina, visited the US last month to help us kickoff our #IStandForGirls campaign! 

IMG_0768 (2).jpg

We traveled from Mozambique back to the US together in the end of August, and went straight down to LA for the Yellow Conference, a gathering of 500+ incredibly inspiring creative women who are on a mission to do good in the world! She had such an amazing time sharing her story and meeting so many like-minded women leaders!


Percina was also able to participate in a photoshoot with our friends Ashley and Nicole of Hazel and Pine! Helping with the visual identity of our brand while also creating lasting memories for both Percina and me!

Then on September 1st, we launched our #IStandForGirls campaign! Percina and I hosted the launch party together in San Francisco! She got to meet Kurandza supporters and talk more about our new education program in Mozambique.


The rest of our time was spent visiting with friends, Kurandza supporters and donors and doing interviews and blog posts for the campaign! She was super busy this time, and we definitely worked a lot. Next time she visits, we'll have to plan more down time and do some sight-seeing!

We also visited a local Dining For Women chapter meeting where we spoke about our program, tabled outside of a church group, and visited my former high school where we spoke with the students about Mozambique, Peace Corps, and making a difference in the world!


Then I accompanied Percina to New York City to drop her off at her gate in the airport to head back to Mozambique, and I headed to Mexico for a week-long leadership retreat.


She arrived back to Mozambique safe and sound, and all of us (especially me!) miss her already.

Her next trip is planned for the Spring! If you'd like to connect with Percina while she's here, please email and let us know! <3