Update On Our Girls Education Program

We want to give you an update on how our girls are doing in the education program that was made possible from the success of our 2018 #IStandForGirls Campaign. It is thanks to all of our sponsors, donors and Giveback Partners that we were able to raise funds for 200 girls in Mozambique to go to school this year! Before we give you an update on our how our girls are doing in school, we first want to remind you why Kurandza’s main focus is on girls education:

In rural Mozambique, graduation from High School, let alone elementary school is a far away dream for many young girls. With school fees, transportation costs, and other school-related expenses such as uniforms, backpacks, and books, the majority of parents are unable to keep their girls in school. ⁣Many girls drop out and their only option is to get married early.⁣ But together we can help girls do whatever they want to do and to follow their dreams! This could mean becoming a teacher, a nurse, a police officer, a stay-at-home mom, or anything in between! ⁣


This year we have 27 pre-schoolers ranging from 2 to 4 years of age in our program. These girls are still in very important phases of their development and many have been rescued out of very hard and scary situations through the support of the #IStandForGirls campaign. Their lives have a brighter future and it’s all thanks to your help!

Press play on the video below and watch to see how Kurandza's pre-schoolers spend their day in school singing, learning and having fun!



This year, we have 153 girls in three different primary schools - all of whom are vulnerable or orphans and unable to pay for uniforms and school supplies. We want to share with you a video of our primary school girls working so hard in school! Press play on the video below and watch to see how Kurandza's Elementary Girls spend their day in school singing, counting and learning about health and leadership by our educators!



This year we have 20 young girls at our partner secondary school. Our girls have their transportation paid for, so now they don’t have to worry about walking over 10 miles to school. This allows them to have more time to study, do their homework, and of course have fun! Another important benefit of having coordinated transportation is the safety aspect. Lately there has been an increase in crimes on the road to school, and because of our Kurandza sponsors, our girls are safe and secure!



If you’re as inspired by the girls education program as we are, then click here to learn about joining our cause and supporting our Holistic Education program, which includes health education, after-school tutoring, extra-curricular activities, parent-teacher conferences, and empowerment workshops! It teaches our girls skills they need to make their dreams come true.