Community Initiatives

This fund is used to create projects that affect the entire community and bring about sustainable change. Some examples of past community projects are below. We plan on continuing to provide health trainings, creating a water project, and providing seed distrubution and sustainable agriculture trainings to the community.


Nutrition program

In partnership with the local hospital, we created a nutrition program this past summer. The goal of the nutrition program is to prevent malnutrition in children under five years of age by teaching their mothers about nutrition and how to use locally available ingredients to cook "enriched porridge" for them. Community women were trained as the program's facilitators who lead weekly health presentations and cooking demonstrations. The hospital then enrolls undernourished and at-risk children into our nutrition program!


health training

Because of the current hunger crisis, HIV-positive mothers have a difficult choice of continuing to nurse their babies past the recommended timeframe and possibly transmitting the virus to them, or stopping to nurse and having their children die of hunger. In response to this situation, the women of Kurandza lead a week-long training with over 20 HIV-positive mothers, teaching them about nutrition and prevention of vertical transmission of HIV, so that they could make the best choice possible. 


Emergency Food Aid

The two-year drought has caused food shortages throughout East Africa. Our village in Mozambique is reliant on rainfall to farm and produce food, which makes them especially vulnerable. Without any crops on their farms, they're forced to buy food at the nearest stores over 10 miles away. Food prices have increased by 300%, causing villagers to go without. Because of the emergency crisis, we distributed baby food to over 20 babies in need, and provided cornflour, cooking oil, and beans to select community members.