Small Business Development

This fund is used to provide seed funding to start small local businesses in the community. These businesses can range from small one-person microenterprises, to cooperatives and larger scale businesses. Potential future projects include construction of a corn mill, livestock raising, seamstress training, and a bakery business.


Sewing Cooperative

This project was our first small business! Kurandza's founders, Elisabetta and Percina, wrote a grant to start a sewing cooperative as an income generative activity for HIV-positive women so that they would have a way to pay for transportation to reach the hospital every month and stay on treatment. Elisabetta and Percina along with a group of women built their own workshop from sticks and mud! The women, who had never held a job before, were taught to sew and about financial management and entrepreneurship!


convenience store

We were lucky enough to have a generous donor fund the entire construction and first round of inventory of a convenience store in the nearby village. The family who runs the store was trained by Percina in financial management, marketing, and overall business development to give them the best chance at success. This store was the first of it's kind in the neighborhood and offers an alternative to traveling long distances to the nearest city to purchase household items.