This fund will be used to provide educational scholarships to high school students, cover technical school fees, and to provide didactic material to students of all ages. This is a new program that we are launching this year and we're excited for the chance to make a difference through education!


High School Scholarships

Elementary school has very little cost in Mozambique, but everything changes when high school starts. Students now have to pay for matriculation fees, exam fees, photocopies, school books, a uniform, and transportation from their village to the high school. Because of these costs, many students drop out of school because their parents can't afford it. The boys start working odd jobs or move to South Africa in search of work, and the girls get married and have babies. Our goal is to keep these kids in school, focusing on the girls!


Didactic material

We were lucky enough to have a generous donor fund the entire construction and first round of inventory of a convenience store in the nearby village. The family who runs the store was trained by Percina in financial management, marketing, and overall business development to give them the best chance at success. This store was the first of it's kind in the neighborhood and offers an alternative to traveling long distances to the nearest city to purchase household items.