Many girls in developing nations like Mozambique don't have the same access to education as those in developed countries. Their parents often don't have the resources to pay for uniforms, school books, or transportation expenses, so they're unable to get an education.

When a girl gets an education, she's much more likely to get her vaccines, avoid HIV contraction, have access to jobs, earn a higher income, and escape child marriage. When she gets an education, she's able to dreamShe's able to think of tomorrow instead of always living just for today.

This September, purpose-driven individuals are coming together to support girls in Eastern Africa and giving them the chance at a future. 

Join the #IStandForGirls campaign to show how much you care about these issues, and to give girls the ability to dream!


Pledge $20/month and help us reach our goal of providing education to 100 girls in Mozambique!

The I Stand For Girls Campaign

Bringing education to 100 girls in Mozambique

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