Are you passionate about making an impact through your work?

Perhaps you want to create a social impact or give back component to your business model.

Or maybe you want to create your own international social enterprise! 

Elisabetta is now offering one-on-one mentorship programs

Over the last few years, Elisabetta has been approached by several like-minded change-makers who are either starting or growing their own artisan cooperatives, social enterprises, ethical fashion companies, or non-profits and looking for guidance. Elisabetta loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to fellow social entrepreneurs.

She wants to help support change-makers like you to make a huge impact on the world!

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Elisabetta is passionate about intentionality when creating social enterprises, and creating ones that make a real difference for the communities involved. She uses her years of experience working with non-profits, NGOs, and in grassroots development to help others create sustainable socially-minded projects that make a tangible impact on communities around the world.

Want to be a part of the growing community of global dreamers?