When a girl gets an education, she's much more likely to get her vaccines, avoid HIV contraction, have access to jobs, earn a higher income, and escape child marriage. When she gets an education, she's able to dream. However, parents often don't have the resources to pay for uniforms, school books, or transportation expenses, so they're unable to get an education.

At Kurandza, we're passionate about empowering women and girls to become leaders in their communities. We do this through community development initiatives, small business development projects for women, and our girls education program.


The #IStandForGirls Movement utilizes the power of social media and communities to spread awareness about the importance of girls education while raising funds to provide girls in Mozambique with access to a life-changing education. This September, influencers, bloggers, business owners, and purpose-driven women (and men) are joining this cause to bring education to girls in Mozambique.

You, too, can become a part of this movement!


Bringing education to 200 girls in Mozambique

Last year during our first #IStandForGirls Campaign, our community rallied together to raise enough funds to provide school sponsorships to over 100 girls in Mozambique! This year, our goal is to double that: school sponsorships for 200 girls!

Join the #IStandForGirls campaign and give girls the ability to dream! When you give $20/month, you provide a girl with everything she needs to thrive at school, including school fees, a uniform, a backpack, school supplies, books, transportation, and enrollment into our holistic education program where she will learn about health, self-esteem, creativity, and leadership.


When girls are educated...

  •   ...they are less likely to marry early, have unplanned pregnancies, and contract HIV.
  •   ...they are more likely to earn a higher income compared to individuals who did not go to school.
  •   ...they are more likely to be financially secure and economically empowered.
  •   ...they are more likely to change the world around them for the better.