We thank you for your generosity by sponsoring the EDUCATION of girls in Mozambique! Because of you, these girls are equipped with everything they need to get a powerful education and have a brighter future.

Grab a cup of tea and settle in to explore this Sponsor Toolkit where you will get to “meet” the girls and the schools, find out all of the important calendar dates, read the answers to all of your questions in the FAQs section, add your profile to the sponsor community section, and even download creative assets to share your sponsorship with your community!

If you still have any questions at all regarding sponsorship, the girls, or our work in Mozambique, send us an e-mail at info@kurandza.org.




+ What does the $20 monthly donation provide?

When you sponsor a girl, you’re paying for all school fees, a uniform, a backpack, books, school supplies (depending on the grade, this could include notebooks, pens and pencils, or also could include a ruler set and compass), and transportation costs for one girl for one year of school.

+ How often will I receive updates about the girls?

You will receive quarterly updates about the girls (December, March, June, September). We also love to send at least one yearly update in the mail, so make sure that your e-mail and mailing addresses are up-to-date. If you would like to know additional information about the girls, feel free to e-mail our team at info@kurandza.org.

+ Can I “meet” the girl I’m sponsoring?

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+ Can I meet the girl(s) I'm sponsoring?

We believe in the dignity of each girl and their right to privacy, to not want to be photographed or to have donors know personal aspects of their lives. For this reason we do not ‘match’ a girl to a sponsor, instead each year a group of sponsors, sponsors a group of girls to attend school. In addition to serving as a way to respect privacy, it also helps keep administrative costs down which means more funding is available for education.

+ What If I’m having trouble continuing my monthly payments?

We get that unexpected life circumstances change, so we have 3 options for people who are having difficulty making the monthly payments to relieve your burden and also ensure that the girls stay in school. The first option is to “pause” your sponsorship for a month and pick-up the sponsorship afterwards. This means that you would end up paying for one extra month longer to make up for the paused month. The second option is to stop monthly payments and pay for the rest of the school year in one lump sum. The last option is to transfer your sponsorship to someone else. If you are having trouble continuing your monthly payments, contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you choose the best payment plan based on your situation.

+ How many students are in a class? What are the ages? What are the subjects?

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+ Can I send a letter to the girl I’m sponsoring?

We love letters from our sponsors! We collect all the letters and bring them to Mozambique once a year and read these letters to the group of girls. If the letters are in English (and not Portuguese), we will translate the letter for the girls. If you would like to address a specific age group or grade, please specify in the letter (for example: pre-schoolers, teens, etc).

+ How can I get more involved with Kurandza?

We love building long-term relationships with our sponsors and supporters! If you own a business and would like to donate a portion of business revenue to our cause every month, click here! You can also donate your birthday to Kurandza, host an event on our behalf, write a blog post for Kurandza, or contact us with other ideas for collaboration!

+ Can I come visit the girls in Mozambique?

Yes! We have a yearly Empowerment Trip to Mozambique where you can come volunteer and meet the girls in our sponsorship program. The next trip is in June. Limited space is available. Click here to apply!

+ What is the difference between a sponsor and a giveback partner?

Whereas a sponsor is an individual or business that directly sponsors the education and school supplies of one girl or more, for at least one educational year, a Giveback Partner is a business which joins the Giveback Partnership Program, a specific ongoing collaboration with Kurandza which is promoted by both the business and the organization to bring more awareness to the mission and to the philanthropic investment customers are making. Giveback Partners donate unrestricted donations that help fund our greatest need at the time. If you’re interested in learning more about our Giveback Partnership program, click here.

+ What if my address changes? How do I update that?

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+ What if my credit card changes?

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  • There are 200 girls in our program!

  • X girls are in pre-school, X girls are in elementary school, X girls are in secondary school.

  • The ages range from X to X.

  • We have 5 partner schools (see below).

  • The girls we choose for our program are most vulnerable, meaning that they either: are orphans, their parents don’t work, their parents have mental or physical disabilities or ailments, they have been abused, or they themselves have mental or physical disabilities.

  • Some of the girls’ household chores include:

  • The average family size of these girls is…

  • Before our program, the high school girls had to walk X miles to school, and it has been dangerous because of XYZ.

(insert infographic graphics of the books, backpacks, etc…)



  • We work with a total of 5 partner schools: 3 elementary schools, 1 high school, and 1 pre-school

  • The elementary and high schools are public schools that meet either from 8am - 12pm or 2pm - 6pm every day.

  • The pre-school is a private pre-school run by Mozambican Catholic nuns, because it’s private, it’s from 7am - 3pm every day.

  • We have a strong partnership with the pre-school and have been able to fund special projects like painting the classrooms and a dormitory build to further build capacity.

  • There are typically X number of students per classroom, and they study the following subjects: ABC

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 8.02.50 AM.png


“We are sponsoring a girl because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to get an education, seek a bright future, set goals, overcome challenges and to most importantly dream BIG! It’s truly an amazing feeling knowing that this cause can make a difference in girls lives in Africa.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 8.38.52 AM.png

Nicole Lynn DURR, The Zenly Shop

“Since becoming a sponsor, I have received handwritten thank you cards, email updates, pictures and success stories from Kurandza’s school for girls. I’m so grateful to be a part of this loving community. We have a shared mission to empower girls – not just with holistic education and healthcare – but with big hopes and dreams for a bright future.”

Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou.jpg

Isa-Welly Locoh - DonoH, website

“I truly believe that the future of Africa depends on Education. In a continent that is growing fast, empowering young girls and giving them the tools to choose their future is key. Kurandza, thank you for the work you are doing in Mozambique. It's an honour being part of your support team."

Kim Pendleton.jpg



Stef Etow.jpg





“I signed up to sponsor a girl because I believe in supporting women, and because I know the only way to change the world is to empower individuals through education and opportunity.”


Kimberly Pendleton, HEART SPACES

"I'm a huge supporter of education! I love that Kurandza makes it possible for girls to learn. It truly changes everything. It is so beautiful to feel so united in the goal of freedom. Kurandza is such a reminder of what we want in life, to let our work and action make it possible for everyone to create the life of their dreams."

Niki Wells new.jpeg


"The reason why I am supporting the girls is that I believe that everyone is on this planet for a reason. And when you are given an opportunity to rise up above your current situation, well that is an opportunity to expand your mind and have an impact on the people around you."


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Note: If you are sponsoring girl(s) through your business, you may use the term “sponsor” or “supporter”. We respectfully ask that you do not use the term “partner” as this is reserved for our Giveback Partners. If you would like more information about becoming a Giveback Partner, contact us here.





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Did you know that the majority of girls in the world lack access to primary education? Something that we take for granted everyday is a life-altering privilege for others.

This year though, I’ve joined in with Kurandza to help make a difference by sponsoring the education of a girl! The non-profit, based in Mozambique, believes that educating young girls is the strongest way to empower entire communities.

If you’re interested in teaming up as well and joining this amazing cause, message me or check out Kurandza’s website here: www.kurandza.org.


#IStandForGirls because access to an education can change the direction of a girl’s life.

#IStandForGirls because no child should have to wonder if they’ll be able to get a job or go to college.

#IStandForGirls because empowering a woman empowers an entire community.

#IStandForGirls because the cost of your daily coffee can send a girl to school.

This year I have joined up with the non-profit, Kurandza, to provide X girls(s) in Mozambique with access to an education. Check out more about the work they’re doing on their website: www.kurandza.org.


On behalf of the entire Kurandza team and all of the girls that are being supported in Mozambique, we want to say once again THANK YOU so much for your continued generosity and love!  This is only possible because of you!


Elisabetta, Percina, and the Kurandza Team