While living in Guijá, a small village in southern Mozambique, Elisabetta Colabianchi volunteered with the Peace Corps at a local hospital. Her main role was to counsel HIV-positive women on the prevention of HIV transmission to their children. During her work, she realized that many patients would abandon treatment because they could not pay for transportation to the hospital to pick-up their medicine each month. Elisabetta and her good friend, Percina Miocha, started an income generation project for these HIV-positive women, with the goal of teaching them a skill that would earn enough income to pay for the monthly transportation costs to the hospital.

Even after Elisabetta returned to the United States, she knew that her work in Mozambique wasn't done. She developed strong ties with her village and decided to create Kurandza alongside Percina, to continue supporting the community through education, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development programs.