women leadERS Can cHANGe THE WORLD

Kurandza's first project was the women's sewing cooperative. This project was created out of the need for HIV-positive women to earn an income so they could pay for transportation to reach the hospital every month and pick-up their medication. A group of women was trained in health education, financial management, entrepreneurship, and how to sew. For the first time in their lives, they were given the opportunity to work and earn their own way so that they could take care of themselves and support their families.

What started out as a way to earn enough money to pay for transportation to the hospital, has turned into something much greater than we could have imagined. These amazing women have used their earnings to improve their homes, buy livestock, send their children to school, participate in community savings clubs, and purchase food during the drought. They have become leaders in their community, teaching other community members about health education and how to start their own businesses too.