We believe that everyone is capable of making a difference in the world. Through education, entrepreneurship, and community development initiatives, women become empowered leaders who make an impact in their communities.

In Mozambique, women raise the children, take care of the homes, and farm or work informally to provide the best life possible for their families. Kurandza is working alongside these courageous women in Mozambique, empowering them to lead greatly, take risks and discover their strengths in order to live a fulfilled life and raise themselves out of poverty.

We're creating a community of empowered women changemakers here, empowering women there!

You too can be part of #somethingthatmatters!



  • High school scholarships targeting female students
  • Health trainings for HIV+ mothers
  • Didactic material distribution
  • Vocational skills trainings and scholarships

community programs

  • Seed distribution and small-scale agriculture projects
  • Emergency food aid assistance and disaster relief
  • Nutrition programs in partnership with local hospitals


  • Small business development trainings
  • Grant funding for business start-ups
  • Financial management training
  • Community savings groups
  • Livestock distribution
  • No-interest loans

We are dreamers who believe that our work will create future leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers around the world, starting in East Africa. 

We believe in the power of community-- coming together with like-minded people who have the same vision for impacting the world.

You have the power to use your time, money, and network in whatever way you choose. Live life in a big way and use your power to do good!